Ag Leader


SureSpeed® Speed with precision! Your aftermarket solution for high speed planting. Gain speed while improving seed spacing and singulation. Turn Compensation, variable rate, row-by-row shutoffs and high accuracy seed sensors, and designed with low maintance in mind. Get the most out of your planting season.

SureDrive® With the SureDrive electric drive, growers gain precise control of planter meter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off.

Hydraulic Down Force

This system controls and adjusts pressure instantaneously based on field topography and soil conditions. Hydraulic DownForce provides consistent, proper planting depth and automatic response time resulting in the uniform emergence and higher yields.

Gen One SeedCommand

A great crop starts with proper seed placement. Gen One SeedCommand provides section control, hydraulic seed rate control and advanced seed monitoring. Gen One SeedCommand is the total package to control your entire planting experience, improve performance and increase yields.

Ag Leader Displays



Command the best! The InCommand 1200 is the most powerful, versatile, easiest to use precision ag display on the market. Great features like split screen capabilities, advanced planter monitoring and control with row-by-row mapping, an integrated lightbar, and ISOBUS Universal Terminal are all included. By utilizing AgFiniti Mobile and the included WiFi adapter, you can take your data home with you. Everything the InCommand 1200 offers, helps your business profit and grow.
In Command 800
 A simple, mid-level precision ag display that has the power of any other on the market. The InCommand 800 offers awesome ease of use, tablets like interactions, an integrated lightbar, ISOBUS Universal Terminal and the power to handle the toughest tasks on your farm. With the included WiFi adaptor, take your data with you on the go, and be in command of your operation.

SureFire Starter Fertilizer Systems

SureFire Ag Systems Starter Fertilizer Systems offer electric and hydraulic fertilizer pump solutions that are simple, accurate and easy to use. All systems are easily controlled by most displays on the market, especially Ag Leader displays!

The Tower

The Tower is the most accurate electronic liquid control pump on the market. It is sized to fit your planter and great for in-furrow application.

The PumpRight

The PumpRight handles larger volumes with no problem! It is great for side dress or strip-till liquid fertilizer application. The PumpRight is reliable, accurate and requires minimal

maintenance. It is ideal for 2×2 nitrogen fertilizer placement.



Planter Attachments

Yetter Co.

Built on nearly 88 years of expertise, Yetter leads the agriculture industry in designing effective and innovative equipment for residue management, seedbed preparation, precision fertilizer placement, harvest attachments, and more.


The most trusted name in no-till, Martin offers many different planter options ranging from row cleaners, to fertilizer placement tools, to closing wheels. Founded in 1991, Martin has become a trusted leader in all aspects of planter attachments.