Decision Ag

Let us help you get more from your data.


As agriculture continues to evolve, so do we. We tailor our products and services to an individual customer and farm needs. Premier Technologies takes pride in providing outstanding service and delivering a positive precision agriculture experience.


Along with selling, installing and servicing hardware, Premier Technologies also provides the following services:

    • Free On-Farm Consultation
    • Prescription Generation
    • Mapping Services
    • Data Analysis
    • Reporting Services
    • Annual Open Houses
    • Grower Training


Premier Technologies believes that your Data is yours and we want to make it work for you. We offer a few products that can help you utilize your data. As Data becomes more and more valuable, we want you to be able to capitalize on that value while preserving your ownership of it. Product that we offer make machine to machine communication possible, and machine to computer, smartphone, or tablet possible; without the use of flashcards.

Available products to aid in these services include:


  • Desktop bases software
  • In-Depth Data Analysis
  • Prescription Generation
  • Create Reports based on your Data
  • Create Boundaries, Tile Plans, and Soil Sampling Prescriptions


  • Cloud based software
  • Ability to see your data anywhere on tablet or phone
  • Prescription generation
  • Analyze specific areas
  • Manage your equipment are in real time


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