GPS & Guidance

GPS & Guidance

Ag Leader displays feature advanced, integrated guidance systems, capable of multiple guidance patterns. Pair one of these great autosteer solutions with our industry-leading GPS receivers for a steering solution to fit any operation.

GPS 6500

The GPS 6500 utilizes a standard GLONASS unlock and StableLoc technology making it a highly accurate, fully scalable smart antenna. It’s sealed, compact and rugged design is upgradable to TerraStar or RTK and has up to 20-mile RTK baselines via NTRIP.

GPS 6000

The GPS 6000 is a great entry level receiver. It works for all mapping functions and OnTrac3 steering. It is an accurate system, using repeatable GNSS technology. It has a sealed, compact, rugged design that is single frequency and WAAS only.


The SteerCommand is the best-in-class integrated autosteer when paired with the GPS 6500. A repeatable, precision steering system, the SteerCommand has a nine-axis terrain compensation that handles the roughest terrain. Its internal compass maintains a steady heading. SteerCommand has steering kits available for 600+ vehicles and access to CORS/RTK for repeatable sub-inch accuracy.


The OnTrac3 is accurate, easy to use assisted steering system for all applications. It is a clutch-less, brushless and gear driven motor unit that is easy to use. It has a Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation with an internal compass. The OnTrac3 is easily transferred between multiple vehicles and has over 700 custom steering kits available. Its easy Auto-Calibration makes the setup simple.







Command the best! The InCommand 1200 is the most powerful, versatile, easiest to use precision ag display on the market. Great features like split screen capabilities, advanced planter monitoring and control with row-by-row mapping, an integrated lightbar, and ISOBUS Universal Terminal are all included. By utilizing AgFiniti Mobile and the included WiFi adaptor, you can take your data home with you. Everything the InCommand 1200 offers, helps your business profit and grow.



A simple, mid-level precision ag display that has the power of any other on the market. The InCommand 800 offers awesome ease of use, tablet-like interactions, an integrated lightbar, ISOBUS Universal Terminal and the power to handle the toughest tasks on your farm. With the included WiFi adaptor, take your data with you on the go, and be InCommand of your operation.



With great options like the tough AgCam or the economical Overview, Dakota Micro has a camera solution for you.



The AgCam is the most durable, reliable and easy to use the camera on the market. This made in the USA product comes with a standard 3-year warranty, is completely sealed, 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible. The AgCam has high picture quality in all lighting and works as a standalone system or easily integrates with your Ag Leader or other precision ag monitor.



The Overview is an entry-level system at an entry-level price. Its impressive list of features with quality components and construction make it a highly versatile system. The Overview has adaptor cables to work with most precision ag displays or it can be a standalone screen. It’s watertight and comes with a one year warranty. The Overview is an economical solution for medium-duty applications.