Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader invented the yield monitor over 20 years ago and it is the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. With industry-leading accuracy, the Ag Leader yield monitor instantly creates yield and moisture maps while harvesting. Producers are able to observe differences in field conditions, see the effect on yield and make management decisions based on this valuable information while harvesting.Benefits of using the Ag Leader Yield Monitor:

  • Instantly displays and maps yield and moisture on screen
  • Easy calibration for reliable yield data
  • Multi-point calibration makes it the most accurate on the market
  • Improve understanding of seed types and other field activities impact on yield
  • Make real-time yield comparisons
  • Easy to use Automatic Variety Tracking to keep track of yield by seed variety
  • Make on-the-go storage decisions based on moisture readings in field
  • View harvest maps alongside planting or application maps with InCommand 1200 Split Screen viewing
  • Take your maps on the go with AgFiniti Mobile


Command the best! The InCommand 1200 is the most powerful, versatile, easiest to use precision ag display on the market. Great features like split screen capabilities, advanced planter monitoring and control with row-by-row mapping, an integrated lightbar, and ISOBUS Universal Terminal are all included. By utilizing AgFiniti Mobile and the included WiFi adaptor, you can take your data home with you. Everything the InCommand 1200 offers, helps your business profit and grow.
A simple, mid-level precision ag display that has the power of any other on the market. The InCommand 800 offers awesome ease of use, tablet-like interactions, an integrated lightbar, ISOBUS Universal Terminal and the power to handle the toughest tasks on your farm. With the included WiFi adaptor, take your data with you on the go, and be InCommand of your operation.

Headsight INC

Headsight INC. Harvesting Solutions offers header height control and row guidance
solutions to help complete harvest as smoothly and timely as possible.Automatic Header Height ControlControl header height with the new ultrasonic Terrahawk system or mechanical sensors. Automatic header height control can increase yield, reduce downtime, decrease fatigue and maximize efficiency. With automatic height and tilt, your snouts will stay out of the dirt and repair costs on your corn head will be minimized.Truesight 2Truesight 2 is a highly accurate row-crop guidance system. It utilizes Headsight’s mechanical sensing wands and your existing steering controller and display. Using features such as Auto Engage and tilt control, Truesight 2 improves efficiency, increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue.


Reichhardt Tactile Row Guidance maximizes bushels harvested by minimizing header loss with the use of durable synthetic sensor guides. It allows the operator to monitor the combine for higher performance, focus on the auger and cart, and minimize fatigue. Tactile Row Guidance also provides the ability to harvest down corn with accuracy.
Get more from your Grain Cart with CartAce

Get more from your Grain Cart with CartAce